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Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

Title: Not all Sunshine and Rainbows
Art Master Post
Genre: Gen, Casefic
Rating:PG-13 (language, some violence)
Word Count 8880
Warnings/Spoilers:Takes place after S5. In an S6 where things aren't quite so stressful. The monsters, though...they're weird.
Beta:  unstoppablei  
Summary: Two nights in a row, callers phone into an all night AM radio talk show reporting contact with unicorns. Most of the time the sort of people who call into that show are just plain crazy, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Written for:  spn_reversebang . 

West of the Great Divide, you're on the airCollapse )

Fic: Lookin' to Get Hurt (SPN, NC-17)

Title: Lookin' to get hurt
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Lisa, Dean/Others (Male and Female), Dean/Sam overall
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3800
Warnings: verbal and physical abuse, domination, submission, violence, language, hints of daddy issues
Spoilers: Post 5-22
Summary: He wants to do the right thing, but there's nothing right about him. He misses pain. Misses the rush. Misses Sam.

Inspired by a half remembered Bruce Springsteen quote about how most of the guys getting in bar fights, they didn't really want to hit anyone, they wanted to get hit.

He misses pain.Collapse )

Title:  Angels & Mounties (due South/Supernatural)
Author: toolazytowork
Rating: R
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, Fraser Sr, Diefenbaker, Castiel, Gabriel, Dean & Sam
Pairings: Fraser/Castiel, Fraser/Ray, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers:  Supernatural through Changing Channels
Warnings: None. Lack of knowledge of one canon should not be insurmountable.
Word Count: 23,182
Summary: A hot summer day in 1998, an overdressed man shows up outside of the 27 claiming he's an angel. Ray doesn't want to get involved. Fraser can't help himself. Castiel's day is not going very well at all.
Disclaimer: Not Mine.
Note: This started because I thought would be funny to imagine Fraser and Castiel having stilted, extremely proper sex. It was supposed to be short and silly. It took on a life of its own: a plot developed, characters I had no intention of writing made their way into the story. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me while I was writing this , especially
hibernia1  for the beta.


He's just been standing there for the last 40 minutes.Collapse )


30 Days of Music, all in 1 go

I'm no hero, that's understoodCollapse )

Not quite what the meme called for probably. No links. Just little snippets about some of the more pertinent songs. I dunno. I'm having trouble writing--so I did this.
I'm just a few dozen pieces of a former lazy ass hippie, scattered around the remnants of a flooded town post-Supernatural finale...so, I, like, wrote a comment fic. It's either that or listen to Carry On My Wayward Son 50 times on repeat while drinking whisky and drunk dialing all the wrong people. I think this might be the better choice. Maybe not the more worthwhile from a memoir standpoint, but, like, less likely to result in me begging forgiveness in the morning, y'know.

Stupid damn sci fi show that makes me care like only The X Files & Doctor Who ever has before. Stupid. Show. Dammit.

Sam wasn't sure as he walked towards the door. It wasn't his place anymore. It wasn't just as if he'd fallen through hell and back, he'd fallen through his entire life and he knew what Dean had sacrificed for him. Really KNEW it. The way you know that the bacon is done just right on a breakfast platter or that the bartender had made your drink just a little stronger than he was supposed to. It's one of those things you aren't supposed to know, but suddenly you do and no one can change that.

Sam knew it wasn't his place anymore, but he didn't care. He'd seen the other side. He had fought off Lucifer to get back to his brother and he would be damned (bad choice of words, Sammy, really bad)...he wasn't going to walk away that easily.

He walked to the door, lifted his hand and contemplated whether he was really willing to take that normalcy away from his brother. Look at what it'd done to him. Look at what had happened when he'd listened to Dean. He had given up everything about himself he liked, and let his destiny rule his fate. He'd stopped fighting and he'd lost. Could he let Dean do the same thing he had?

He clenched his fist and fought the urge to knock. From the other side of the door, he heard Dean laugh and he knew he had no choice. His fist pounded against the door, his eyes fixed on the space where he knew his brother's eyes would be.